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Wilson Research Collaboration Studio

The new Wilson Library Research Collaboration Studio is now open. Work on group projects using large monitors and a variety of seating options in an open setting.  Read about the studio,  reserving space, and technology *at

More on the technology

Below are a few photos of part of the space.

Entering the studio from the first floor lobby.IMG_7104 East entrance - Wilson front

Just inside the front entrance you can see one of the collaboration tables equipped with a large monitor and connections for laptops.IMG_7106 facing south to front lobby

Looking across the room you can see the reference bookshelves and more collaboration tables.IMG_7105 facing west

The reference books remaining on first floor can circulate for one day. All other books formerly in reference are on 3rd and 4th floors and now have regular loan periods. You can also access many reference resources in Jewish studies online.IMG_7018 ref wall

If you need more enclosed meeting space we have them available too!IMG_7111 facing south back lobby

A few of the titles on our reference shelving. They circulate for one day.IMG_7128 Ref dictionariesIMG_7124 Ref wall historyMany titles from the former reference room are now on third and fourth floor and have regular circulation status.

Jewish American Heritage Month

Our own Upper Midwest Jewish Archives unit has published an entry on
Jewish American Heritage Month

May is Jewish American Heritage Month, a time set aside to recognize and celebrate Jewish American achievements and contributions to our country. To celebrate, we’ve included some highlights in this blog post of examples from the Libraries’ Upper Midwest Jewish Archives.”

The post Jewish American Heritage Month appeared first on continuum | University of Minnesota Libraries.

IHRC launches Immigration Syllabus

U of M’s Immigration History Research Center launches #ImmigrationSyllabus
Created by historians nationwide, #ImmigrationSyllabus responds to current debates over immigration with a history lesson for the public
MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL (01/26/2017) -Today, immigration historians from across the country launched #ImmigrationSyllabus, a website and educational resource to help the public understand the deep historical roots of today’s immigration debates. Created in partnership with the University of Minnesota’s Immigration History Research Center and the Immigration and Ethnic History Society and made available through the University of Minnesota Libraries, #ImmigrationSyllabus is a tool for teaching, learning and advocacy. #ImmigrationSyllabus is available online at

Wilson Periodicals moved

The big Wilson moves are well underway.

The basement Periodicals room is nearly empty. The Periodicals have moved up to 3rd and 4th floors of Wilson.  Bound and Unbound are shelved together, title by title.

Here’s the new floorplan

When was this announced?
In our continuum publication, October 2016, along with other changes, in the paragraph

Other Wilson Library Updates
Periodicals and Dewey Decimal collections moving
The east section of the fourth floor of Wilson Library will re-open before Finals Week, providing additional study space. The area has been closed since late August, allowing staff to process the relocation of collections classified with the Dewey Decimal system. Some of these Dewey materials will be re-classified into our Library of Congress system and remain in Wilson, while others will be moved to off-site storage.

The bound and current periodicals, in the basement of Wilson Library, will be relocated to the third (N-J) and fourth A-M) floors.

Here are a few photos to show the changes; visit Wilson and explore if you plan to use the collections here in the coming months. (I had to do this myself!)

Below: Fourth floor lobby, entrance to Periodicals A-M


Below: Fourth floor journals, bound and unbound shelved together by title


Below: third floor (N-Z) periodicals, looking east


Below: third floor (N-Z), bound and unbound shelved together by title

Floor 3 Time mag IMG_3872.jpeg

Kristallnacht: Selected List of Resources

Kristallnacht, literally, “Night of Crystal,” is often referred to as the “Night of Broken Glass.” The name refers to the wave of violent anti-Jewish pogroms which took place on November 9 and 10, 1938. This wave of violence took place throughout Germany, annexed Austria, and in areas of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia recently occupied by German troops.  

–excerpted from : Kristallnacht, a Nationwide Pogram, in Encyclopedia of the Holocaust ((Copyright © United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC ENCYCLOPEDIA LAST UPDATED: JULY 2, 2016)  retrieved on November 1, 2016 at 2:21 p.m.
Read the full encyclopedia entry
See also their article on Night of Broken Glass

Remembering Kristallnacht– clip reel and overview. This video compilation was created through a joint partnership between the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the USC Shoah Foundation Institute with footage from the Institute’s archive.


Check our online catalog for availability of library resources listed.


On Kristallnacht

The Crystal Night Pogrom
John Mendelsohn 1928-1986. New York : Garland 1982
Wilson Library General Collection (Quarto D810.J4 H655 )

Die “Kristallnacht” im Rheinland : Dokumente zum Judenpogrom im November 1938
Veröffentlichungen der staatlichen Archive des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen. Reihe C, Quellen und Forschungen ; Bd. 24. Anselm Faust. 1. Aufl.. Düsseldorf : Schwann 1987
Wilson Library General Collection (DS135.G33 K74x 1987 )

Reichskristallnacht : die Novemberpogrome 1938
Hans-Jürgen Döscher 1943- . Frankfurt/M : Ullstein 1988
Wilson Library General Collection (DS135.G33 D67x 1988 )

Holocaust sources that mention Kristallnacht or Crystal Night

The Holocaust
(Primary sourcebook series.)
Jeff Hill 1962- Detroit, MI : Omnigraphics 2006
Wilson Library General Collection (D804.19 .H55 2006 )

America views the Holocaust, 1933-1945 : a brief documentary history
Robert H Abzug. Boston : Bedford/St. Martin’s 1999
Wilson Library General Collection (D804.19 .A29x 1999 )

The Holocaust : selected documents in eighteen volumes
Volume 3: The Crystal Night Pogrom
John Mendelsohn 1928-1986.; Donald S Detwiler. New York : Garland Pub. 1982
Wilson Library General Collection (Quarto D810.J4 H655 )


We’re in America now : a survivor’s stories
Amram, Fred M. B., author. Duluth, Minnesota : Holy Cow! Press, 2016
On order for Wilson Library

Pogrom November 1938 : testimonies from ‘Kristallnacht’
Ruth Levitt. London : Souvenir Press 2015
Wilson Library General Collection (DS146.E85 P64 2015 )

Violence, memory, and history : Western perceptions of Kristallnacht
Colin McCullough; Nathan Andrew Wilson 1980- . New York, NY : Routledge 2015
Wilson Library General Collection (DS134.255 .V56 2015 )

The night of broken glass : eyewitness accounts of Kristallnacht
Uta Gerhardt 1938-; Thomas Karlauf; Robert Simmons; Nick Somers
Cambridge, U.K. ; Malden, Mass. : Polity Press 2012
Wilson Library General Collection (DS134.255 .N5413 2012 )

Benno and the Night of Broken Glass
Meg Wiviott; Josée Bisaillon.  Minneapolis, MN : Kar-Ben Pub. 2010
Andersen Library Children’s Lit (Offsite storage) (Lerner Box 17 )

American religious responses to Kristallnacht
Maria Mazzenga. 1st ed.. New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan 2009
Wilson Library General Collection (DS134.255 .A64 2009 )

Deutsche gegen Deutsche : das Schicksal der Juden 1938-1945
Aufbau Sachbuch. Mosche Zimmermann. 1. Aufl.. Berlin : Aufbau-Verlag 2008
Wilson Library General Collection (DS134.255 .T75 2008 )

Novemberpogrom 1938 : die Augenzeugenberichte der Wiener Library, London
Ben Barkow 1956-; Raphael Gross; Michael Lenarz; Wiener Library.
1. Aufl.. Frankfurt am Main : Jüdischer Verlag im Suhrkamp Verlag 2008
Wilson Library General Collection (DS134.255 N694 2008 )

Kristallnacht : prelude to destruction
Martin Gilbert 1936-2015. 1st ed.. New York : HarperCollins 2006
Wilson Library General Collection (DS135.G3315 G55 2006 )

November 1938 : from ‘Reichskristallnacht’ to genocide
Walter H. Pehle 1941- . English ed.. New York : Berg : Distributed exclusively in the U.S. and Canada by St. Martin’s Press 1991
Wilson Library General Collection (DS135.G3315 J8313 1991 )

The day the Holocaust began : the odyssey of Herschel Grynszpan
Gerald Schwab 1925-2014. New York : Praeger 1990
Wilson Library General Collection (DS135.G3315 S37 1990 )

Kristallnacht : the Nazi night of terror
David Fisher 1929 April 13-; Anthony Read. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Random House 1989
Wilson Library General Collection (DS135.G33 F56 1989 )

Night of pogroms : “Kristallnacht,” November 9-10, 1938.
United States Holocaust Memorial Council. Washington, D.C. : U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council 1988 Material Type: Government Document
Wilson Library Gov Pub (US Docs) (Y 3.H 74:2 P 75 )