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Jerusalem issue

The Libraries has published a post on our A Matter of Facts news blog that uses content from the Google doc in my previous post. There are additions from our government publications librarian and from one of our communications staff members as well. The post is here:

Understanding Jerusalem issue in light of President’s announcement
‘A Matter of Facts’ from the University of Minnesota Libraries




Jerusalem has been thrust into the headlines once again.  It’s extremely important to understand the history and the people when we read the latest news articles.  To that end I’ve begun a list of resources for University of Minnesota students and researchers. This is by no means comprehensive, but gives a few starting points, places to do further research and learn more.

December 2017



Jewish Cooking!

The University of Minnesota Libraries recently received King Solomon’s Table for Magrath Library:

King Solomon’s table : a culinary exploration of Jewish cooking from around the world /Nathan, Joan.; Herman, Gabriela. / New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2017                 Magrath Library General Collection TX724 .N375 2017

READ a review in this blog  entry from Jewish Book Council (JBC) “What is Jewish Food?” 

KSolomoncover             PBcover wb

and while we’re on the subject, JBC has launched a new print annual that we’re processing now for Wilson LibraryPaper Brigade.

Read JBC’s page on Holidays, Customs, and Observances.

Since it is Passover,  I’ve included a list of nine titles about Passover cooking, all held at the wonderful Kirschner Cookbooks collection in Magrath Library Reference on St. Paul campus. These don’t circulate, so if you need to consult them, they’ll be available!

We have additional resources that you can check out.  Here are some useful terms to search in the catalog. You can narrow down the search results by campus library location by using the settings in the left column.


I’ve given current totals for the locations with the most holdings. Keep in mind there may be a copy in multiple locations, and there are several additional locations that will display in search results.  We have many books on these subjects in various locations within our library system.  We have a wide range of titles from Feasting in the archaeology and texts of the Bible and the ancient Near East  all the way to Rabbi Benjamin’s buttons  at Andersen Library Children’s Literature collection!  Have fun exploring!

PASSOVER COOKING as a subject gets 17 results, primarily held in Magrath Library.

COOKBOOKS JEWISH in the subject heading will find over 20 titles in Magrath as well as titles in various other library locations on campus.

COOKING JEWISH retrieves over 130 in Magrath and 20 in Wilson.  Wilson titles will focus on history or cultural studies. There are also 16 in Andersen Library, where our non-circulating archives collections are held.

JEWISH DIETARY LAWS shows 11 in Wilson and seven in Magrath.

JEWISH FOOD in the subject heading shows that Wilson has 71 titles, Magrath 22. There are nine in Andersen.

FASTS AND FEASTS — JUDAISM  brings up a total of 119 books with 58 in Wilson and nine in Magrath.

And if you’re interested in delving deeper, we have two subject pages that recommend research resources in our Libraries and beyond:

Jewish Studies



The complete Passover cookbook
Frances R AvRutick
Middle Village, N.Y. : Jonathan David Publishers 1981
Magrath Library Reference (Kirschner Cookbooks) (TX724 .A97 1981 )

The Manischewitz Passover cookbook
Deborah Ross; B. Manischewitz Co.
New York : Walker 1969
Magrath Library Reference (Kirschner Cookbooks) (TX724 .R58 1969 )

Kosher-Passover cooking.
El Paso, Tex. : Chabad-Lubavitch between 1900 and 1999
Magrath Library Reference (Kirschner Cookbooks) (TX739.2.P37 K67 )

Matza 101 : an innovative cookbook containing “101” creative recipes simply made with matza!
Jenny Kdoshim; Debbie Bevans
2nd ed.. Alta Loma, Calif. 11785 Mont. Wilson Conn., Alta Loma 91737 : The Unique Cookbook 1995
Magrath Library Reference (Kirschner Cookbooks) (TX739.2.P37 K36 1995 )

A Pesach sampler : from appetizer to afikomen
Leah G Stern; Frances R AvRutick; Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. Women’s Branch.
3rd ed.. New York, N.Y. : Women’s Branch UOJCA 1979
Magrath Library Reference (Kirschner Cookbooks) (TX724 .P45 1979 )

The Passover feast II
American Mizrachi Women. West Orange Chapter.
Rev. ed.. West Orange, N.J. : American Mizrachi Women, West Orange Chapter 1978
Magrath Library Reference (Kirschner Cookbooks) (TX739.2.P37 P37 1978 )

Passoverama : a collection of favorite recipes
Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El (Wynnewood, Montgomery County, Pa.)
[2d ed.].. Wynnewood, Pa. : Sisterhood of Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El 1978
Magrath Library Reference (Kirschner Cookbooks) (TX739.2.P37 P38 1978 )

The Song of Songs cookbook : Passover manna gathered for you
Miriam Field; Standard Brands Incorporated.
New York : Standard Brands, Inc. 1966
Magrath Library Reference (Kirschner Cookbooks) (TX739.2.P37 F54 1966 )

No cholesterol Passover recipes
Debra Wasserman; Charles Stahler
Baltimore, Md. : Vegetarians Resource Group 1986
Magrath Library Reference (Kirschner Cookbooks) (TX739.2.P37 W37 1986 )

Bar Ilan’s Judaic Library

This resource is located in Wilson Reference (first floor). You’ll need the CD and the associated workstation (ask at the first floor service desk). We own version 19.

Bar Ilan‘s Judaic Library : in a class by itself– : plus Responsa & Encyclopedia Talmudit.
אוניברסיטת בר־אילן. פרוייקט השו״ת; רש״י, 1040־1105; Universiṭat BarIlan. Proyeḳṭ ha-shut.
Monsey, N.Y. : Torah Educational Software 9999
Check holdings at TC Wilson Library Reference (BM495 .B39 )

  • Location / Call Number
  • TC Wilson Library   Reference   BM495 .B39
    version 17, full library (1 CD-ROM)
    version 19+ (1 DVD-ROM)

The Global Jewish Database (The Responsa Project) at Bar-Ilan University is the largest database of its kind. This database includes the full text of the Bible and its principal commentaries, the Babylonian Talmud with Rashi’s commentary and Tosafot, the Jerusalem Talmud, the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides, 300 Rambam Commentaries (Friedberg ed.), Shulchan Aruch with commentaries, Midrashim, hundreds of books of responsa, searchable text of 12,000 articles from various Torah periodicals and collections, and the Talmudic Encyclopedia, representing a period of over three thousand years of Jewish literary creativity. – info from publisher is based on a newer (22) version.

Portrait of Jewish Americans topic of June lecture at Temple Israel

Steven M. Cohen will present the next JWST Community Lecture – June 16 at Temple Israel: Reflections on the Most Important Study of American Jewry in the 21st Century: “Portrait of Jewish Americans” by the Pew Center for Religion and American Life.

Event details at: Here’s a link to the report, issued on October 1, 2013 by the Pew Research Religion & Public Life Project

A Portrait of Jewish Americans  by Pew Research


Bethel Seminary Receives Ancient Hebrew Torah Scroll

Excerpt: The Larson-Bethel Baghdad Torah was unveiled in a dedication ceremony at Bethel Seminary on March 31. The non-kosher scroll dates to the early 17th century and is suitable for both display and educational purposes. Written on skins of about 89 feet, and carefully preserved by an ancient Jewish community in Baghdad across 400 years, it offers a living testimony to the faithful transmission of God’s Word.