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Rambi to Refworks

Rambi lets you “push” records to Refworks in much the same way as does the University of Minnesota Libraries catalog.

Examples shown are in the English language view option (top left corner of Rambi page), with search example Qumran food.


If you want to send an individual record to Refworks, use the Actions drop-down menu from the record (not from the results list level).

1- Rambi 1 record Qumran




STEP 1:  Mark the records by clicking on the star next to each record , at the Results list level. In the example below the first and third records have been marked.

2- Rambi multiple records


STEP 2: Click on the e-shelf link above the list

Rambi results to eshelf.jpg

STEP 3 :  In the e-shelf, you’ll see your selections. Above the list is a box labeled “Select how to save.

4 Rambi eshelf selections

STEP 4.  In this box highlight Push to Refworks.  This will open Refworks and you can view the Last imported records.

last step


STEP Refworks will open and import these records if you’ve been logged in recently. From there you can view the Last Import and use Refwords to create a bibliography or use other features.

Refworks results