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arab-israeliconflictABC      HndbkJewishLang  613byArchieRand

Arab-Israeli Conflict: the Essential Reference Guide. ABC-CLIO 2015    Gale Virtual Ref  Ebook    about

Handbook of Jewish Languages      Cloth    2016     about

The 613 Rand, Archie, 1949- Cloth    2015

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Late Medieval Hebrew Book in the Western Mediterranean: Hebrew Manuscripts And Incunabula In Context.                   Cloth    2015

Letter of Aristeas: ‘Aristeas to Philocrates’ Or ‘On The Translation Of The Law Of The Jews’.         Wright, Benjamin G. (Benjamin Givens)            Cloth    2015

Year Zero of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 1929: Trans. By Haim Watzman.        Cohen, Hillel      Paper    2015

Yearnings Of The Soul: Psychological Thought In Modern Kabbalah.           Garb, Jonathan    Cloth    2015