Books in Jewish Studies ordered 7/10/2014

Jewish Studies books Ordered July 10, 2014:

Children of Separation And Loss: A Memoir. Pollitt, Gertrude Paper 2014

Jewish Targum in A Christian World  Cloth 2014

Jews and The Renaissance Of Synagogue Architecture, 1450-1750.    Stiefel, Barry Cloth2014

Jews in Early Christian Law: Byzantium And The Latin West, 6th-11th Centuries               Paper 2014

Popularizing Anti-Semitism In Early Modern Spain And Its Empire: Francisco De Torrejoncillo And The Centinela Contra Judios (1674) Auth: Univ.                Soyer, Francois  Cloth 2014

Price Of Escape. Unger, David Paper     2011

Warburg In Rome.  (fiction) Carroll, James, 1943- Cloth 2014

Jewish Studies Ebooks Ordered July 10, 2014:

Alex’s Wake: A Voyage Of Betrayal And A Journey Of Remembrance. Goldsmith, Martin, 1952- Ebook 2014

Ancient Novel And Early Christian And Jewish Narrative: Fictional Intersections Ebook 2012

Around The Point: Studies In Jewish Literature And Culture In Multiple Languages Ebook 2014

Auschwitz Volunteer: Beyond Bravery; Trans. By Jarek Garlinski. Pilecki, Witold Ebook 2012

Auschwitz, The Allies And Censorship Of The Holocaust. Fleming, Michael Ebook 2014

Bar Mitzvah: A History. Hilton, Michael Ebook 2014

Coming Of The Holocaust: From Antisemitism To Genocide.       Kenez, Peter         Ebook     2013

Quest For Jewish Belief And Identity In The Graphic Novel. Tabachnick, Stephen Ely Ebook 2014

True Herod. Vermes, Geza, 1924-2013 Ebook 2014


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