Cambridge Dictionary of Judaism and Jewish Culture

Cambridge Dictionary of Judaism and Jewish Culture is now available online to the University of Minnesota community and visitors to the Libraries:

The Cambridge dictionary of Judaism and Jewish culture
Judith Reesa Baskin 1950-; Cambridge University Press
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press 2011
Description: Includes bibliographical references and index.



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Descriptions from the publisher site:

“The Cambridge Dictionary of Jewish History, Religion, and Culture is an authoritative and accessible reference work for a twenty-first-century audience. Its entries, written by eminent scholars, define the spiritual and intellectual concepts and religious movements that distinguish Judaism and the Jewish experience; they discuss central personalities and places, formative events, and enduring literary and cultural contributions, and they illuminate the lives of ordinary Jewish men and women. Essays explore Jewish history from ancient times to the present and consider all aspects of Judaism, including religious practices and rituals, legal teachings and legendary traditions, and rationalism, mysticism, and messianism. This reference work differs from many others in its broad exploration of the Jewish experience beyond Judaism. Entries discuss secular and political movements and achievements and delineate Jewish endeavors in literature, art, music, theater, dance, film, broadcasting, sports, science, medicine, and ecology, among many other topics from the Bible to the Internet.”

Advance Quote: “The Cambridge Dictionary of Judaism and Jewish Culture is a wide-ranging compendium of lucid and readily understandable articles written by a diverse group of outstanding experts.  It will quickly become a “go-to” source for specialists and general readers alike.  Judith Baskin is to be lauded for the range of entries and their accessibility.” –Dr. Anne Lapidus Lerner, Director of Jewish Feminist Research Group and Assistant Professor of Jewish Literature at Jewish Theological Seminary.

Books ordered October-November 2014

BOOKS ORDERED for Jewish Studies and Holocaust/Genocide Studies October – November 2014

At Home in Exile: Why Diaspora Is Good For the Jews.        Wolfe, Alan, 1942- Cloth        2014

Bonhoeffer’s Black Jesus: Harlem Renaissance Theology and An Ethic of Resistance.       Williams, Reggie L., 1971-     Cloth        2014

Cambridge Dictionary Of Judaism And Jewish Culture eBook  2011

Forgotten Trials of The Holocaust. Bazyler, Michael J Cloth 2014

Frankfurt School, Jewish Lives, and Antisemitism.               Jacobs, Jack             Cloth        2015

History of the Devil Flusser, Vilem, 1920-1991     Paper       2014

Hitler’s First Victims: The Quest For Justice.        Ryback, Timothy W Cloth 2014

Home in Exile: Why Diaspora Is Good For The Jews.            Wolfe, Alan, 1942- Cloth        2014

Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World.    Shlaim, Avi              Paper       2014

Jewish Cryptotheologies of Late Modernity: Philosophical Marranos.  Bielik-Robson, Agata              Cloth        2014

Jewish Histories of the Holocaust: New Transnational Approaches                    Cloth        2014

Jewish Rights, National Rites: Nationalism and Autonomy in Late Imperial and Revolutionary Russia.            Rabinovitch, Simon Cloth        2014

Jews and Christians In The First And Second Centuries: How To Write Their History Ebook 2014

Meals in Early Judaism: Social Formation At the Table                        Cloth        2014

Neighboring Faiths: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism in the Middle Ages And Today Nirenberg, David, 1964- Ebook       2014

Other Jesus: Stories From World Religions.          Outcalt, Todd          Cloth        2014

Outlawing Genocide Denial: The Dilemmas of Official Historical Truth. Lewy, Guenter, 1923- Paper               2014

Pious Ones: the World of Hasidim and Their Battles With America.   Berger, Joseph        Paper       2014

Reorienting the East: Jewish Travelers to the Medieval Muslim World. Jacobs, Martin, 1963- Cloth 2014

Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Jewish Cultures Ebook 2015

Shattered Dreams of Revolution: From Liberty To Violence in the Late Ottoman Empire. Der Matossian, Bedross, 1978- Paper 2014

Spanish Attitudes Toward Judaism: Strains of Anti-Semitism From the Inquisition To Franco and the Holocaust.; Trans. By Abramo Ottolenghi. Kuznitzky, Adolfo     Paper 2014

Stepping Into Zion: Hatzaad Harishon, Black Jews, and the Remaking of Jewish Identity. Fernheimer, Janice W., 1976-                Cloth 2014

Tales of High Priests and Taxes: the Books of the Maccabees and the Judean Rebellion Against Antiochos Iv.                Honigman, Sylvie, 1965-        Cloth                2014

Three Thousand Years of Hebrew Versification: Essays in Comparative Prosody. Harshav, Benjamin, 1928-    Cloth 2014

Three Versions of Esther: Their Relationship to Anti-Semitic And Feminist Critique Of The Story. Miller, Tricia              Paper       2014

Vatican II: Catholic Doctrines on Jews and Muslims.            D’costa, Gavin, 1958-             Ebook      2014

Books on order

BOOKS ORDERED for Jewish Studies and Holocaust/Genocide Studies July 2014
Genesis Of Justice: Ten Stories Of Biblical Injustice That Led To The Ten Commandments And… Dershowitz, Alan M / Paper 2001
Holocaust By Bullets: A Priest’s Journey To Uncover The Truth Behind The Murder Of 1.5 Desbois, Patrick /Paper 2009
Holocaust Consciousness In Contemporary Britain. Pearce, Andy, 1981- Cloth 2014
Holocaust: Memories And History / Ebook 2014
Introduction To The Hebrew Bible: And Deutero-Canonical Books. Collins, John J / Paper 2014
Jesus And Temple: Textual And Archaeological Explorations / Ebook 2014
Jewish Immigrants In London 1880-1939. Tananbaum, Susan L /Cloth 2014
Jewish Resistance Against The Nazis / Paper 2014
Luke-Acts And Jewish Historiography: A Study On The Theology, Literature, And Ideology Of Luke-Acts. Uytanlet, Samson, 1970- / Paper 2014
Metamaus: A Look Inside A Modern Classic. Spiegelman, Art /Cloth 2011
Nazi Ideology And Ethics / Cloth 2014
Reception Of Septuagint Words In Jewish-Hellenistic And Christian Literature /Paper 2014
Righteous Giving To The Poor: Tzedakah (“Charity”) in Classical Rabbinic Judaism: Including A Brief Introduction To Rabbinic Literature. Ulmer, Rivka / Ebook 2014
Sarajevo, 1941-1945: Muslims, Christians, and Jews In Hitler’s Europe. Greble, Emily, 1978- / Cloth 2011
Their Struggle For Jerusalem and The Holy Land: A New Inquiry Into The Qur’an And The Classic Islamic Sources On The People Of Israel. Dana, Nissim, 1938- / Cloth 2014
Tradition And The Formation Of The Talmud. Vidas, Moulie, 1983- / Cloth 2014
Where Islam And Judaism Join Together: A Perspective On Reconciliation. Har-El, Shai /Cloth 2014

Books in Jewish Studies ordered 7/10/2014

Jewish Studies books Ordered July 10, 2014:

Children of Separation And Loss: A Memoir. Pollitt, Gertrude Paper 2014

Jewish Targum in A Christian World  Cloth 2014

Jews and The Renaissance Of Synagogue Architecture, 1450-1750.    Stiefel, Barry Cloth2014

Jews in Early Christian Law: Byzantium And The Latin West, 6th-11th Centuries               Paper 2014

Popularizing Anti-Semitism In Early Modern Spain And Its Empire: Francisco De Torrejoncillo And The Centinela Contra Judios (1674) Auth: Univ.                Soyer, Francois  Cloth 2014

Price Of Escape. Unger, David Paper     2011

Warburg In Rome.  (fiction) Carroll, James, 1943- Cloth 2014

Jewish Studies Ebooks Ordered July 10, 2014:

Alex’s Wake: A Voyage Of Betrayal And A Journey Of Remembrance. Goldsmith, Martin, 1952- Ebook 2014

Ancient Novel And Early Christian And Jewish Narrative: Fictional Intersections Ebook 2012

Around The Point: Studies In Jewish Literature And Culture In Multiple Languages Ebook 2014

Auschwitz Volunteer: Beyond Bravery; Trans. By Jarek Garlinski. Pilecki, Witold Ebook 2012

Auschwitz, The Allies And Censorship Of The Holocaust. Fleming, Michael Ebook 2014

Bar Mitzvah: A History. Hilton, Michael Ebook 2014

Coming Of The Holocaust: From Antisemitism To Genocide.       Kenez, Peter         Ebook     2013

Quest For Jewish Belief And Identity In The Graphic Novel. Tabachnick, Stephen Ely Ebook 2014

True Herod. Vermes, Geza, 1924-2013 Ebook 2014